Softstream Solutions and BitDam partner to ensure all enterprise communications are safe to click. We stop advanced cyber attacks, before they are delivered, empowering organizations to collaborate safely across channels.

‘Softstream Solutions is proud to partner with BitDam to make enterprise communications safe to click by focusing on delivering advanced threat protection, enabling and empowering our customers to collaborate safely.’
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Unmatched detection rates: detects 99% of the advanced threats missed by all others, blocking them before they are executed.

Makes all channels safe to click: secures content across all enterprise channels in one place:
– Email
– Cloud Storage and File Sharing
– Chat and Instant Messaging

Attack-agnostic: detects malware of all types including hardware and logical exploits, N-Day and Zero-Day attacks

Forever protected applications: stops content-borne attacks for known and unknown vulnerabilities from the first sight, making response time irrelevant. No need for security updates. Forever.

Simple integration: seamlessly integrates with your security infrastructure, delivering advanced attack protection for cloud and on premise email, storage and more.

Easy, fast deployment:  Deployed in minutes. No changes required to processes, policies or rules.