Desktop Virtualisation/DaaS

Whether you choose Desktop Virtualisation or Desktop as a Service you will have a solution that provides the benefits a virtual desktop infrastructure offers, but without the cost of having to acquire, build, and manage your own infrastructure.

It’s a solution that is simple to deploy, provides a secure environment, gives End users a high-quality experience on any device, whilst improving agility and productivity. We support virtual, hybrid and traditional workplace environments and help organisations realise the full potential of a virtualised desktop platform, so they can enable the business and its users with more flexible workstyles and workspaces.

Today work is more than just 9-5 sat in the office at a desk. It’s a last-minute email sent on the way in or a conference call joined from a business trip.  Work is everywhere, which is why your team works best when it has easy access to data and applications from as many devices as possible.

To support this complex environment and the many devices that you need to manage in this new way of working you need a solution that can bring your teams’ devices together – a solution that separates work environment from hardware, but also at the same time not have to worry about purchasing/refreshing hardware, maintenance/upgrades, staffing, and other operating costs associated with traditional on-premise virtual desktop solutions.

By putting desktops (their operating system, apps and data) in the cloud, it makes them accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. DaaS means you can work from anywhere on any device you like.

When you work with Softstream Solutions to provide Desktop as a Service, we support you to achieve


The service is easily scalable allowing you the flexibility to quickly adapt to your business needs


We can provision a new desktop environment in minutes and push software upgrades out to all users simultaneously without any disruption to your business.


When your desktops move to the cloud, they move to the world’s most secure data centre.


The requirement for in-house IT expertise is massively reduced, as your cloud service provider manages all the technical IT requirements and support