Who are Softstream solutions

Softstream Solutions has over 30 years’ experience in the IT sector. We understand the environment, issues and challenges of yesterday, today and tomorrow too.  An extensive knowledge of past and future innovation gives us unique insight not only of legacy systems but future technology too. We understand the market and appreciate how fast things change so are well placed to work with you to find the right solution for you. IT is an integral part of any business and we can help you understand how your infrastructure can support your digital growth and transformation.

Why UniPrint Infinity

UniPrint Infinity is built from the ground up to solve your organization’s biggest challenges.

If you are looking for smarter ways to scale your workflow and reduce costs, the power of UniPrint Infinity can help manage your every day print-related tasks that slow you down all in one centralized location.

PDF-based UPD
PDF-based UPD

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Virtual Print Queue

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Centralized Management Platform

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Enhance User Workflow

Design & Developing

Print jobs are also compressed into significantly smaller PDF files, resulting in faster transmission of data and printing

Remove the need for printer drivers on your remote desktop server and physical or virtual desktops

Client-less printing capabilities allow thin-client and mobile-device users to print anywhere, anytime

Our single virtual print queue, allows users to send or redirect print jobs from busy or non-functioning printers instantly

Safeguard Document Security

Combining PDF encryption as well as transfer protocol encryption

Secure pull printing reduces document security breaches and enhances compliance

Print jobs are only released for printing only after users have authenticated by entering a password or RFID / HID card on the vPad device

Reduce Your Printing Costs

Design & Developing

Secure pull printing ensures you only release required documents to the chosen printer

Reducing wasted paper printing

We are printer vendor agnostic

No need to standardize your printer fleet or outsource printing services to realize cost savings

Simplified printer management, reduced help desk calls, and secure pull printing, enhances operational efficiency and reduces expenses

Spend less time maintaining internal control of your printing environment

Simplify Print Management

UniPrint Infinity can be remotely deployed using AD Group Policy Objects

IT admin can easily configure UniPrint settings through the Management Console, eliminating costly and time-consuming traveling to branch offices

One UPD replaces all manufacturer printer drivers on your print server, which streamlines new printer installation, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance

Users have the option to select printer-specific properties such as paper tray selection, duplexing etc. prior to releasing a selected print job

Users print from their server sessions to a printer connected to their workstation.

Users print from the server sessions to a network printer connected to the UniPrint Print Server.

Users print through SecurePrint, whereby they are required to authenticate in order for their print jobs to physically print at a selected printer. User authentication can be done through a vPad device, the embedded VPQ Connector application, and on mobile devices through the Vault.

Users print through their mobile devices by installing a free app from an app store which is used to connect to the UniPrint Mobile Service. The Mobile Service is the gateway to the UniPrint Infinity printing system and therefore allows users to either print to network printers or use SecurePrint for pull printing. Alternatively, mobile users can also use email to send an attachment to a printer’s email address (as determined by an administrator) and the attachment will print out at that printer.