ePRINTit Mobile

Begin by downloading the ePRINTit mobile application! Then simply log on from your device, view any of your files, select the ones you’d like to print, and send them off to the ePRINTit cloud!

Next, make your way to your desired ePRINTit partner location authenticate, pay and grab your documents in a matter of seconds! Additional document access and upload points also include direct email, web portal, and direct USB release options.

Start Printing in a few easy steps.

Select your files: Send your files off to be stored securely in the cloud as you make your way to the printing station. With end to end 256-bit encryption, your documents will be securely encrypted while at rest and in transit.

Find your nearest printer: Using the built-in-geo-location feature, find the closest ePRINTit public print location and make your way there! You can even send someone o the other side of the world the code and they can retrieve everything securely at an enabled Partner location.

Authenticate: Mobile and web-portal users receive a secure 8-digit release code directly on the app or web portal respectively, while users opting for the email release option receive an email reply with the eight digit release code. enter your release code to gain secure accesss to your awaiting print jobs.

Pay and print: Preview your files right at the rpint station to ensure you are printing the correct files. Pay at vendor or through ePRINTit mobile or web automated payments solutions. You can then retrieve your files from the print station.