Our cyber security solutions protect enterprise communications from advanced content-borne threats. We ensure all enterprise communications are safe

95% of cyber attacks are launched with a click…

Email, shared URL’s, file attachments, cloud drives and new digital communications are transforming the way we work. They are also the most accessible entry point for advanced content-borne cyber attacks. All it takes is a malicious attachment, URL and an unsuspecting user to put enterprise assets at risk.

  • Stop advanced content-borne threats contained in any type of file or URL at their source, pre-delivery, blocking malware without hurting end users’ experience.
  • Stop content-borne threats for both known and unknown vulnerabilities from the first sight. No more security updates and patches. No more exposure to malware.
  • Secure Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite or any other e-mail service to protect your employees from malicious emails
  • Cloud storage and file sharing – Protect Microsoft OneDrive, Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or any other cloud drive, to ensure that end users access only legit files
  • Chat and Instant Messaging- Make your enterprise Instant Messaging a safe zone for Slack, Skype, Teams, Zoom and other chat platforms.
  • Easy, fast deployment. No changes required to processes, policies or rules. 2 click Deployment
  • Real-time analysis, code benchmarking and immediate alien code detection for advanced threats, regardless of the specific attack technique

When you work with Softstream Solutions to deploy, migrate or arrange support for Office 365 we help you to achieve….

A safe environment. So its safe to click across all channels – Email, Cloud Storage and Instant Messaging

Immediate prevention of ALL advanced content-borne cyber threats. Any Exploit, Any Payload, Any Known/Unknown Vulnerability

An environment that proactively blocks hardware and logical exploits, N-day and zero-day attacks in seconds.